Diversity Visiting Committee

Purpose of the West Virginia University Diversity Visiting Committee

The purpose of the West Virginia University (WVU) Diversity Visiting Committee is to monitor and provide feedback to the University's diversity efforts.  Such feedback should assist in the progress of implementing Goal 3 of WVU's 2020 Strategic Plan which is "To Foster Diversity and an Inclusive Culture."

The Diversity Visiting Committee will advise and assist the Chief Diversity Officer in the design and implementation of strategies to advance diversity at WVU. The Diversity strategies will include programs and activities to:
  • create a more diverse and inclusive campus community; 
  • enrich the educational and workplace experiences for all members of the University community; 
  • promote the personal and professional growth for all students, faculty and staff; 
  • foster mutual respect, valuing of differences, as well as cross-cultural understanding; 
  • prepare leaders for a competitive global community; 
  • communicate the exciting story of WVU and West Virginia as we move toward improving our national image. 

Meeting Dates

The Spring 2015 meeting will be held May 8, 2015.