Social Justice Council

The Social Justice Council is an organization of campus leaders that meets to share information, keep abreast of relevant issues, and engage in mutually beneficial dialogue on campus climate and social justice needs. Meetings are open to all members of the campus community.

Listed below are the current members of the Social Justice Council

Chelle Adams
  Human Resources

Erica Bentley
  VP Grant Overhead

Bonnie Brown
  Native American Studies

Shane Chaplin
  Clinical Psychologist, Carruth Center

Ed Cole, HSC
  Council for Women’s Concerns chair

Ann Chester
  Health Sciences Center

Keli Cunningham
  Associate Athletic Director for Compliance

Sue Day-Perroots
  Dean Representative

Michael Ellington
  Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs

Edward Etzel

Elissa Evans
  Student Services

Daniel Ferreras
  World Languages, Literatures & Linguistics

Derek Fincham
  Disability Services

David M. Fryson, Esq.
  Chief Diversity Officer

Marjorie Fuller
  Director – Center for Black Culture and Research

Ellesa High
  English Department

Rachel Holmberg
  Career Personnel Administration

Ron Justice
  Director of Student Organization Services

Katherine Karraker, Ph.D.
  Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies – Eberly College of Arts & Sciences

Susan Lantz
  Student Employment-HR

Patricia Lee
  College of Law

Tonya Michael
  Extension Services

Jo Morrow
  Staff Council

Terry Nebel
  Information Technology Services

Ann Oberhauser
  Director – Women’s & Gender Studies

Debbie Richards
  WVU Parkersburg

Bob Roberts
  Public Safety

Carrie Showalter
  Student Legal Services

Jason Staples
  Human Resources

Norma Tennant
  Health Sciences Center Administration

Michael Wilhelm
  International Students & Scholars

C.B. Wilson
  Academic Affairs

Kristi Wood
  Director for WVU Center for Service and Learning

Cathy Yura
  Student Wellness & Health