Office of Innovative Inclusion and Outreach

The Office of Innovative Inclusion and Outreach (OIIO) exists to reach diverse individuals, attract them to our campus and to position them for success.

Whether you are a current or prospective student, faculty or staff member, we want to assist at positioning you to fulfilling your potential during your time at WVU and beyond.  No one succeeds all on their own.  Some might survive that way, but to thrive we need to be part of a community where we can find support and encouragement to do our best.


If you are already here and feeling isolated or excluded, will you let us help connect you to that community of support? 


If you are already here and you look around your unit and you realize everyone looks like you and the closest thing you have to a fresh idea is trying a new place for lunch, then let us help you figure out how to reach out effectively to diverse candidates who would contribute to your unit in new ways.

We are here to serve you, to help you and your unit to be more effective in reaching your goals.  We want to know what you need to succeed.