About Us

Often we hear the term “diversity and inclusion” used as if it were a single word – a single concept.

Clearly the phrase encompasses two very different concepts.

Yet the two are nearly always linked  -  Why?

Organizations worth their salt know that you cannot have a truly successful program to increase diversity without companion programs to improve inclusion and engagement

Universities often find themselves focusing on increasing diversity through mandated affirmative action programming and reporting while not fully attending to issues of inclusion.

The reality is:  Diverse individuals and groups bring new and interesting challenges with them.

If we are equipped to embrace people across a broad range of dimensions of Diversity (READ INCLUSION), then we succeed by:    

  1. retaining them;
  2. helping them to be successful, and;
  3. facilitating their contribution to our collective success.

Spending all of our resources on increasing diversity and recruiting with little or no effort spent on inclusion demonstrates a lack of vision.

The creation of The Office for Innovative Inclusion & Outreach or (OIIO) is clear evidence that West Virginia University is being more strategic than that in our approach.

OIIO assures that someone wakes up every morning with Inclusion of Diverse Groups as their top priority.   No longer will these activities be squeezed into the time that remains after fulfilling mandatory compliance monitoring and reporting.

OIIO Engages in:                              

  • Outreach and Engagement                                                   
  • Evaluation and Assessment                                                   
  • Organizational Culture Change & Capacity Building                         
  • Research