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Council for Women's Concerns


The Council for Women’s Concerns of West Virginia University promotes equality and empowers women in all areas of the University and local community by facilitating a dialogue on women’s issues and serving as a resource for women and girls.


The Council for Women’s Concerns of West Virginia University is committed to an inclusive University community that connects and empowers women in a safe and equitable environment.

History and Activities

Founded in 1977, the Council has upheld a presence throughout the evolving response to women’s issues. The Council for Women’s Concerns has continued to sponsor conferences and activities that highlight the concerns and accomplishments of women, such as the Mary Catherine Buswell Award, and the Women of Color Day Luncheon during Diversity Week.

The CWC has also promoted institutional development via the Center for Women’s Studies, the Social Justice Council, the Affirmative Action Office, the Sexual Assault Prevention Program, and child-care programs.

Research and resource distribution the Council has been involved with includes distribution of a “Women’s Resource Guide” to incoming freshmen women and female faculty and staff, as well as revision and expansion of study on “Status of WVU Women.”

Members are one of the following: Community, Ex Officio, Faculty/Staff, Student. Membership changes yearly. For a current member list, visit the WVU CWC website.


Facebook: WVU Council for Women's Concerns