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Chancellor's Scholars

The Chancellor’s Scholars Program (CSP) is a centerpiece of West Virginia University’s efforts to increase the recruitment and retention of underrepresented groups as doctoral students. It is one of the most innovative and successful programs designed to enhance diversity at WVU.

The program is funded by the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission (HEPC) who partner with WVU to prepare and engage aspiring scholars for meaningful and gratifying academic experiences at the University. Through this effort, the partners foster a genuine commitment to diversity which establishes and sustains an inclusive influence on the success of the students as they prepare for a future as members of faculty and staff at institutions of higher education and other associated professional communities.

The program has both immediate and long term objectives:

In order to meet these objectives and maximize the benefits for students, WVU, and the state of West Virginia, the CSP provides opportunity and access to populations underrepresented in academia. The Chancellor's Scholars Program application can be submitted online. 

Click HERE to be directed to the application.