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Amy Parker

Case Manager


Case Manager

(304) 293-5600

Amy is the case manager and coordinator for all complaints made to the Office of Equity Assurance. She assists investigators and works to ensure compliance with federal guidelines and WVU regulations.

Amy is a native of Athens, Ohio Amy attended Cincinnati University, where she earned her Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Criminal Justice and Human Services in 2008.

She has a long history of using thorough, impartial investigations to assist the people of West Virginia and Ohio. Amy began her career working with families facing drug and alcohol dependency with Child Protective Services. With a focus on recovery and family reunification, Amy worked tirelessly to improve the lives of children throughout Ohio. Amy led investigations throughout Athens Ohio area, but she also ensured that families in need of assistance made connections with local therapists, educators, and childcare providers. Amy later took on the position as the Director of Investigative Services for the Athens County Board of Developmental Disabilities. She led the administrative investigative department to include allegations of exploitation, theft, death, sex crimes and worked closely with local law enforcement and Circuit Courts. In 2013, Amy moved to West Virginia and became a Child Protective Services supervisor for Kanawha County. Amy supervised the Circuit Court Unit. In this position, Amy coordinated a complex array of agencies and services, ensuring that CPS investigations complied with state law, federal law, and best investigative practices.

Amy joined West Virginia University’s Office of Equity Assurance in May of 2017. As a case manager, Amy helps organize active investigations for OEA. In addition, Amy coordinates services for employees and students. In this capacity she coordinates cases and ensures compliance with both federal and West Virginia University guidelines.