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Sam Wilmoth

Title IX Education Specialist


Title IX Education Specialist

(304) 293-5600

Sam assists in providing Title IX training to students, faculty and staff, coordinating the WVU Peer Advocate Program, and organizing the University’s “It’s On Us” campaign. Mariana also serves as a private resource to students, faculty or staff who have been involved in Title IX related incidents.

A native of Wheeling, West Virginia, Sam is a proud alumnus of the West Virginia University School of Social Work. He currently serves as a Title IX Education specialist.

Before joining WVU, Sam was the SART Project Coordinator at the West Virginia Foundation for Rape Information and Services. In that capacity, Sam traveled throughout the state, delivering training designed to enhance services for survivors of sexual assault and stalking. Sam has also served as a project manager for a federal grant awarded by the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office on Violence Against Women. The funds from this grant were used to support rape crisis centers across West Virginia. Sam also has substantial experience engaging in preventative programming, having delivered presentations to thousands of students at West Virginia University. Sam currently serves as a faculty member for the National Center for Campus Public Safety, where he helps teach a course on trauma-informed Title IX procedures across the nation.

Sam's most formative experiences have been clinical ones. For several years, Sam worked as a discharge planner on an Intensive Care Unit in a mental health hospital. Though Sam worked primarily with young and middle-aged people who had been diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, much of his experience has revolved around older adults as well. Sam has worked with a large number of clients who have dementia, chronic mental health issues, and neurological disorders. Through their grace, wisdom, and obvious love for their families, these clients have taught Sam more than he could ever imagine. Having worked closely with both in-home and nursing facility care, Sam has enormous admiration for professionals and loved ones who provide care for older adults. Unfortunately, sexual violence is tragically common among almost all of these populations, so Sam has worked with many survivors of trauma throughout his career.